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Conroe Adventist Academy

2020-2021 Reopening Policies and Procedures

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Guidelines and protocols at a glance


Masks are required by any student in a shared public indoor area.


Pre-k through 4th grade will not need to use masks in the classroom. Social distancing will be enforced.


5th - 12th grade will need to wear masks indoors. Social distancing will be enforced.


Your student will remain with their class/cohort ONLY each day. Classes will not mix with each other.


Play is so important for child development! This year we will utilize our outdoor spaces as much as possible to give our kids time free from masks and getting fresh air. 

When outdoor time is not possible, our gym will be used with social distancing encouraged.


Each classroom will eat as a group without mixing with other classes. Potential eating areas include outdoor spaces, classrooms or gymnasium. Microwaves will be provided for grades 1-12 but cold or pre-heated meals are preferred.


Public spaces will be cleaned often throughout the day such as restrooms, doorknobs, tables etc.

Our playgrounds will be power washed twice weekly for a deep clean.  

Handwashing and sanitizing will be encouraged frequently.


Each morning our students start their day with a morning worship with their class. Once a week we will have a virtual chapel with all classes. 


CAA 2020-2021 Opening Plan

As we prepare for the reopening of our campus on August 17, 2020, the health of our students, faculty and staff remains our top priority. We will implement measures as follows, all of which are subject to change based on federal, state, and local directives.  As a religious institution, we have been provided with Attorney General of Texas Documentation which allows us to determine our learning plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  Plans are subject to change based on state and local mandates.  All changes will be communicated directly to parents and posted on our website.


As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the CDC, and Texas Education Agency, Conroe Adventist Academy is committed to keeping our campus open for learning.  This will require cooperation and support from all in our community.  Keeping your children at home when they are not feeling well is essential.


•  An at home daily self-screening checklist for COVID-19 symptoms as outlined in the CAA Family Health Commitment will be required of all students, faculty, and staff before coming to campus each day.  A temperature check will be done daily as students arrive at school.  


•  Any and all students, faculty or staff should stay home from school or work and notify CAA if they have (1) tested positive for COVID-19; (2) had close contact, as defined by CDC, with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days; (3) are experiencing symptoms including but not limited to cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, feeling feverish or a temperature of 100.4 degrees or more, chills, shaking or shivering, headache, loss of smell or taste, sore throat, significant muscle pain or diarrhea.


•  If a student or a staff member develops symptoms while on campus, the student or staff member will immediately be isolated in a separate room and sent home for testing and self-quarantine. Areas used by the student or staff member will be disinfected.


•  In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 for a student or staff member who has been on campus, we will notify the Montgomery County Health District and follow their guidance regarding the necessity of a school closure.  Areas where the infected person has been will be closed and disinfected. All parents, faculty and staff will be notified of a confirmed case of COVID-19 on campus.


•  Students or staff members who exhibit signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and who are not tested will be presumed positive for COVID-19.


•  After recovering from COVID-19, the criteria for returning to school are as follows: (1) Fever free for 72 hours without the use of temperature reducing medications; (2) Improvement of symptoms; (3) At least 10 days must have passed from the development of symptoms or 3 days after the end of all symptoms.


•  If any student or staff member has possible symptoms of COVID-19 and wishes to return to school before completing the stay at home period, the individual must either present a note from a physician clearing the individual to return to school based on an alternative diagnosis or receive two separate confirmations at least 24 hour apart that they are free of COVID-19 and provide documentation to CAA.


Information regarding COVID-19 testing sites may be found here.





  • Only essential visitors will be allowed on campus. 

  • Parent visits to campus are restricted at this time.

  • Face masks/face shields are mandatory for all faculty members as outlined in the Texas State mandate.

  • Face masks/face shields are mandatory for all students in public spaces, anywhere 6-foot social- distancing cannot be maintained, and as outlined in the Texas State mandate.   

  • Parents will be responsible for providing suitable masks for their students. 

  • Students will be required to wash hands or use hand sanitizer when entering or departing classrooms.

  • Classroom items such as desks and other supplies will be disinfected between uses.

  • Recommended social distancing measures will be in place.

  • Students with underlying health conditions, as determined by a physician, and students who must quarantine, will have the ability to maintain instructional continuity at home with our virtual learning platform. 




  • Upon arrival each morning, students will wear masks in the public hallway and go directly to their classrooms.

  • Students will stay in cohorts (classroom communities). Individual desk seating will allow for 6-foot social distancing.

  • Masks will be required in public spaces.  The Texas State Mandate says children under 10 are exempt from wearing masks.

  • PE classes will be held outdoors as weather permits. When indoors, students will follow physical distancing guidelines for activities.

  • Outdoor time will be structured to allow social distancing. Recess time may include walks and other outdoor activities.

  • Chapel will be held in the classrooms virtually.

  • Lunches should be brought from home.  If a cafeteria or catering program becomes available safety protocols will be instituted. Pre-K/K will eat in their self-contained environment. 1st through 4th grades will eat in their classroom, outside, or other designated area where social distancing can be maintained.



MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL (5th through 12th grade)

  • Upon arrival each morning, students will go directly to their classrooms and homerooms.

  • Masks will be required in public spaces.  Students over 10 years of age will be following the Texas State mandate.

  • Grades 5-8 are considered one cohort.  High School will be considered one cohort.

  • Chapel will be held in the classrooms virtually or in cohorts. Social distancing will be maintained.

  • Lunches should be brought from home.  If a cafeteria or catering program becomes available safety protocols will be instituted.  Students may eat outside with supervision and proper distancing.

  • Students will not gather in large groups on campus.

  • These classes may switch classrooms.  Community shared spaces will be disinfected between uses.





  • Scheduled synchronous (real time) instruction from home.

  • Teachers will be streaming and recording class live. 

  • Schedules for individual classes will be determined by teachers. 

  • Students must be available throughout the scheduled school day.

  • Breaks will occur throughout the day. 

  • Homework and assignments will be the same for in class and online remote learning options

  • Attendance is outlined by the Texas Education Agency as being present either in person or online for 90% of days enrolled.

  • Daily screen and technology time and exposure will be determined based on appropriate development stages and expectations and communicated by start of school. 

  • Families may request students switch back to in-person learning at the end of each quarter.  Each request will be considered based on desk availability in the classroom, and on a first come, first serve basis.  If a classroom is at capacity then the student will remain in on-line remote learning until space is becomes available.




  • Chromebooks will be provided for student use both at school and at home.

  • Students and teachers will utilize Google Classroom Suite.

  • Wi-Fi Capabilities will need to be utilized.  If families need help accessing Wi-Fi, the school can recommend resources.

  • Students will be expected to follow all technology guidelines as outlined in the CAA Handbook.



Plans are still under development.  Information about these programs will be communicated as they

become available. 



Plans are still under development.  Information about these programs will be communicated as they become available. 


Disinfecting measures will be implemented as follows:

  • DAY CLEANING - A designated member of our facilities staff will be assigned to clean and disinfect all doorknobs, countertops and other high touch, high traffic areas across campus throughout the school day.

  • AFTER SCHOOL CLEANING - Our contracted custodial person will perform cleaning and disinfecting in every building on our campus.  Special attention will be paid to sanitizing high touch areas.

  • HVAC FILTERS - Premium MERV-13 air filters will be installed in all classroom areas.  These filters are CDC approved.

  • Classroom desks and other supplies will be disinfected between each use.

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout campus.

  • Each classroom will be provided with HEPA air purifiers.

  • Outdoor sinks will be installed near playground areas.

  • Routines will include regular breaks for appropriate handwashing.

  • Playground equipment and areas will be cleaned and disinfected as least twice weekly.


COVID-19 Health and Safety Statement


Conroe Adventist Academy recognizes the importance of the health and safety of each student enrolled.  This includes the importance of recognizing and supporting the development of the whole child’s spiritual, mental, social, and academic well-being.  Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 Conroe Adventist Academy has established the following policies and procedures with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Office of Education.  Ultimately, it is our goal to provide an active learning environment while implementing best practices to protect the health and safety of our entire school community: students, families, and staff.


Conroe Adventist Academy and enrolled families agree that this time in history brings daily uncertainty.  With COVID-19, specifically, all policies and procedures must be flexible and consider all known and updated information from the state and local health authorities.  It is with that in mind that CAA will strive to be practical, adaptable, and take into consideration special circumstances and accommodations for enrolled students.  There will be continual re-evaluation and possible implementation of adjusted programs, policies, and protocols.  The American Academy of Pediatrics “strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with the goal of having students physically present in school.  The importance of in-person learning is well-documented, and there is already evidence of the negative impacts on children because of school closures in the spring of 2020” (AAP).   We also recognize that there are circumstances where a student and family may be considered high-risk to be in a group setting.  It is with that in mind that our academic program will provide the options for our families to enroll in our in-person instruction or online remote instruction options.  All program options offered will meet the requirements from the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Office of Education. 


Finally, Conroe Adventist Academy recognizes and acknowledges that COVID-19 policies are implemented with the understanding that there is no single action or set of actions which will completely eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19.  However, with consistent and coordinated interventions we can mitigate and reduce the risk of all who are part of our community.  


Health and Safety Agreements:

Families will:

  1. Agree to Conroe Adventist Academy’s Family Commitment to Health.

  2. Practice proper health and safety protocols both at home and at school.

  3. Recognize that family choices may impact the school community.


Conroe Adventist Academy will:

  1. Implement proper health and safety protocols by:

    1. checking temperatures upon entrance to school.

    2. providing separate entrances for 1) Pre-K/Kindergarten, 2) 1st through 6th grade and 3) 7th through 12th grade.

    3. providing adequate handwashing stations to be used in the following situations:

      1. upon entering the environment

      2. when transitioning from outside playground

      3. before and after eating

      4. after touching face

      5. after coughing or sneezing (into elbow or tissue)

      6. after coming in physical contact with others

      7. after using the bathroom

    4. providing approved hand sanitizers to be used as a secondary defense to hand washing.

    5. modeling practice of safe hygiene.

    6. increased cleaning of surfaces.

    7. adding HEPA air filtration units to each classroom.

    8. deep cleaning playgrounds twice a week.

  2. Co-hort (group) students by classes to establish minimal crossover of students within the school. 

  3. Determine class sizes by using recommendations of 6-foot social distancing between student desks.

  4. Require use of masks for individuals over 10 years of age in the following circumstances:

    1. less than 6-foot social distancing.

    2. when passing through any public use area of the school.

    3. as the state government mandates.


Academic Agreements:

            Families will:

  1. Determine the learning option that best supports their child’s health and safety.

  2. Support their students in attending 90% of days enrolled to pass their grade level (TEA Mandate).

  3. Recognize that Conroe Adventist Academy may be mandated by the state or local health authorities to transition from in-class instruction to on-line remote instruction at any given time.

  4. Provide wi-fi options for students to complete assignments for online remote learning (if assistance is needed to obtain wi-fi CAA will provide a list of resources for parents to consider).

  5. Communicate with teachers to support the students within established office hours.

  6. Fulfill all financial agreements.


Conroe Adventist Academy will:

  1. Provide option of in-class instruction and an on-line remote learning options for all students.

  2. Utilize increased outdoor teaching opportunities.

  3. Provide students with individual Chrome Books for use of academics.

  4. Communicate any changes to policy or learning options.



As the threat of COVID-19 diminishes families may want to transition from on-line remote instruction to in-class environments.  Conroe Adventist Academy will strive to accommodate these requests on a first come basis and while maintaining proper classroom ratios.  Families may need to wait until the quarter or semester ends to transition.




TEA Public Health Guidance 20-21 School Year

American Academy of Pediatrics School Guidance

CDC School Recommendations

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